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14-year-old Girl Is Drowning And Cries Out For Help – But Then Blind Dog Dives In When No One Else Could

Once a hero, always a hero!

When a hero is called into action, it doesn’t matter whether they are old, sick, blind or deaf.

All that matters is that they are needed…and they are there.

Norman, a blind Labrador Retriever, heard the cries of a teenager that was being swept downstream by a swift current.

Oblivious to anything other than the sound of someone in distress, Norman followed the sound of her cries and jumped into the water to save her.

Remember, we’re talking about a dog that is completely blind, so swimming is a dangerous proposition!

Furthermore, Norman was 150 yards away when he heard the cries, and he had a long way to go.

But you know, it wouldn’t have mattered if it had been 150 miles. Heroes don’t think about such things; they just act.

And so, Norman quickly leaped into action…and lo and behold, the amazing blind pup saved her life!

There are many humans who wouldn’t attempt this.

But when it comes to protecting us, our beloved four-legged friends will do what is seemingly impossible.

And why? Because they really do love us and regardless of any handicap, they’ll risk anything to help us!

Shouldn’t we return the favor by being as loving and respectful as humanly possible?

What an incredible example of the difference a rescue dog can make. And to think this hero dog was almost put down…

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