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Dog Goes Missing After Deadly Car Accident. 19 Days Later, Camera Captures Tear-jerking Reunion

Jennifer Orr was just 43-years-old when she was driving her 2014 Jeep Wrangler on Iron Chest Road. She hit a rock that caused her car to slide down a huge slope. She slid about 600 feet down a steep mountainside and landed about three miles above St. Elmo.

Jennifer was pronounced dead at the scene, but her daughter, Sam, was airlifted to Pueblo by a medical helicopter. She suffered serious injuries including displaced ribs and compressed vertebrae, but luckily doctors expected her to fully recover.

Although Sam was going to be okay, some of her wounds couldn’t be healed so easily. She lost her mother that day. Sam and Jennifer, however, weren’t the only ones affected by the accident. They had someone else in the vehicle with them.

Jennifer’s dog, Bentley, was with them and was missing. A Facebook page named “Bring Bentley Home” was created to bring awareness of the missing dog. The last time the golden doodle was seen was running downhill from Iron Chest Road after the accident.

Just 19 days after the accident occurred, a miracle happened. Sam had people tell her that they had spotted a dog meeting Bentley’s description wandering up high on the mountains all alone.

Joseph Stratmann worked with Sam and helped her find the dog, and the precious moment they reunited was caught on camera.

Watch the emotional, tear-jerking reunion between Bentley and Samantha in the video below.

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